10 Best Naughty Gifts For Him in India 2021

When it comes to gifting some naughty gifts for him girls get too confused. Because they know that their boyfriend wants one. Girls probably think that these gifts are nudes or pics of “bobs and Vegene“.

In this article, I am going to tell you about the 10 best naughty gifts for him. That will make fall in love with you and probably will help you in getting laid.

Are you bored of giving your boyfriend the same old greeting cards? that tell him how much you love him and he is the best boyfriend in the world? What is this? 2000? with the increase in internet usability and modernization, Indian people have opened up a little more. They are more comfortable with talking about their sexuality and physical desires with their partners.

The reason you want to gift him one of these gifts is that it will definitely make him happier. You are going to make your bond with him even stronger. To help you gift him one of the best naughty gifts for him here is the list:

List of the best naughty gifts for him in India 2021

Oye Happy ‘Naughty Cards with Light

Pick-up lines just got cheesier (in a good way, of course) with LED-equipped greeting cards. This card with a tiny light attached to it says You Turn Me On. It is also equipped with a tiny switch to let your loved one can see how he turns you on with just a flick of his finger. A simple card with an unusual quote will surely make him smile and realize how good he’s in bed or on the sofa or on the table… you know where I mean, right?

Naughty Face Down Ass Up Throw Cushion

This beautiful designer Cushion Covers will add a personal touch to your room decor and would be perfect valentine’s gifts. Away from regular gift ideas, this Cushion Covers is a perfect Love Cushion Cover and a romantic gift idea. Not only will the love pillows add vibrancy to your home but will also fetch admiration and compliments. From our stable of premium printed Cushion Covers for home, this romantic love Cushion Covers will be your favorite at first sight. Made with premium canvas cotton and state-of-the-art stitching these designer Cushion Covers are a beautiful gift for lovers, a special valentine’s day gift for lovers.

Red Handcuff, Sleep Mask, Artificial Rose & Activity Book Couple Gift Combo

This Combo set has so much to offer as a naughty gift for your loved one. An activity book that takes you on a fun ride, a hot handcuff for some extra fun, an eye cover that says Be Naughty, and an artificial rose just to spice up your time with romance. Just surprise the guy you love by giving him naughty gifts that can be cherished forever. you can celebrate your love every day and convey your emotions with these gifts for love & romance. A perfect gift for your husband, boyfriend for a Birthday, Anniversary, or Valentine. Trust me, He’ll love it.

Naughty to-Do List with Kinky Messages Cards

You know a big problem with Indian men when it comes to having sex? They think about it all the time yet they somehow fail to convey their desires to their loved ones because they are too nervous to ask. Speaking of some men are also so dumb that they cannot even pick up the hints you give them. So, to help you, This naughty to-do list is a perfect gift you can give to your guy. When you want to leave a hint for your lover about your wild intentions, leave a dirty note under the pillow or sneak it into the bag. The hilariously naughty pack comprises 13 cards for people who don’t care about subtlety. All you have to do is select one out, scribble a note if you’d like, and keep it for your partner to find. This is one of the best naughty gifts for him.

Engraved Naughty Positions Shot Glasses Set

As I wrote earlier, few Indian men are really bad at picking up the hints about the stuff you want to do with him But I guess pictures speaks more than words. So this Engraved Naughty Positions Tequila, Vodka Tall Shot glasses set of 6, bring you the joy of savoring and sharing those heady shots of whiskey and cocktails in the comfort of your home, while making your very own style statement. Imagine how turned on he is going to be when you take a Tequila Shot with an engraved picture of how you want to spend the rest of the night? It is too hot to be true, right?

Truth Or Dare: 100 Questions Fun Party Game

Who doesn’t love the old-school Truth and dare game where you either have to tell your deepest secrets as truth or do something that you would never normally do. Well, why not make it more fun with this FUN GAME for intimate couples or friends with benefits who want to have a laugh and get laid later on. This compact set of 100 truth questions elicit funny and embarrassing answers that provide light-hearted and funny entertainment. A great way to celebrate ANNIVERSARIES and BIRTHDAYS, it is also a cool gift idea for ADULTS who dare to give bold and honest answers or do stuff that will make their day… or night.

Date Night Game Box Set

Speaking of, here is a better version or twin sister of the classic game of truth and dare i.e. Talk, Flirt, or Dare in which you can literally make him Talk with you about some stuff, make him Flirt with you, or Dare to do something hot for you. WHO IS IT FOR? For everyone! this is a newlywed game, a great game for married couples, new couples will enjoy it, could even be a save your marriage therapy game! Based on your comfort level and depending on the occasion you can choose which game to play tonight! Something for everyone in the box! 

Naughty Bucket List

If you are one of those adventurous couples who would like to make your romance a little more exciting and may we say, daring? Here is the perfect gift to give your partner: the ultimate naughty bucket list sealed with a lock and filled with a bunch of dares. Sometimes you have too many fantasies that no prewritten gifts can tell your exact desires and feelings. We all have thought of some fantasies at some point in our lives and always wanted to fulfill them with our partners, then why don’t we just make a bucket list as a naughty gifts for him?

Intimacy – Romantic Love Game for Couples

Play this ROMANTIC and SEXY Question-Action game with your lover and discover their fantasies and desires. With a collection of 125 questions and actions, it’s a great way to get extremely INTIMATE with your partner. one of the few unique naughty gifts for him to celebrate Anniversaries, Valentines, and Honeymoons with sexy adult fun and excitement, gift this to your sweetheart, wife, husband, or partner on any occasion.

Naughty Handcuff & Blindfold Set

There is nothing better than the old school way of having a wild night with your hands tied by a handcuff and you being unable to touch things and be at the mercy of your partner. This Handcuff and blindfold set is one of the perfect naughty gifts for him as it states that you intend to take your rest of the evening to completely another level. As this handcuff and blindfold are unisex you both get to use them. means even he can wear it without worrying about his masculinity and enjoy the special time he is spending with you.

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