Best Cat Doors for Windows USA 2022

Cat doors for windows: If you have a cat as a pet then you must have noticed that cats love going outside all the time. Even the house cats escape from your house every now and then. If you don’t have a cat door installed in your house, then it becomes very difficult for your cat to go out.

But why do cats do that? well, cats are natural predators; they have a hunting urge. They always stalk their prey and hunt it whenever they get a chance. Even after having their house meals, cats have this urge to go out and hunt. Another reason for cats to out is their urge to mate and mark their territory. Whatever may be the reason, we can all agree that cats love going out. And if you have not installed a cat door in your house, it will drive you crazy to open doors and windows every five minutes to let your cat in and out.

Therefore, it is important to have a cat door installed in your house. In this article, I am suggesting the best cat doors for windows that you need to install in your house as soon as possible.

cat doors for windows

SureFlap Cat Door

The SureFlap cat door is our top recommendation for cat doors for windows. The most interesting thing about this cat door is that it can recognize your cat using a unique identification microchip number allowing only your cat to pass through it. It protects your home from other small animals from entering your house. SureFlap is a battery-operated, modern design that looks great in any home. It is easy to fit and slots into the hole created for many existing cat doors. SureFlap runs on four AA batteries, which last up to a year with normal use.

cat doors for windows

Lufei Cat Door

The Lufei cat door has a unique 4-way lock mechanism that 1. prevents your cat from entering or exiting through this door. 2. allows your cat to enter but prevents your cat from exiting through this door. 3. allows your cat to exit but prevents it from entering through this door. 4. allows to enter and exit freely through this cat door. This lock system allows you to be in control of the door. It comes with the dimension of 7.5″ wide and 7.9″ height that allows cats of any size to easily pass through it and it is really easy to install on your windows.

cat doors for windows

Cat Mate Cat Door

Cat mate cat door has an electromagnetic flap that opens when a magnetic chip is passed through it. You just have to add an electromagnetic chip in your cat’s collar which will allow only your cat to enter through this cat door. That means, any animal can exit through this cat door but only your cat (with a magnetic chip installed in her collar) can enter your house. This provides you extra safety and allows your cat to freely pass through it anytime she wants. This Cat Mate cat door is surely something you need to check out while buying a cat door for windows.

cat doors for windows

Success Cat Door

Success cat door has both magnetic as well as a manual lock system which allows you to control the door either way. This cat door is suitable for large cats as it has a door size through which a cat with a circumference of 23-24 inches can be passed. This cat door can be easily installed on windows. It also has padding on the corners of the door that reduces the noise and friction every time your cat passes through it. This cat door might look simple but it is definitely something to look into while buying cat doors.

Cat Doors for Windows

Ideal Pet Products Cat Door

The Ideal Pet Product cat door is a flexible cat door that allows you to fit the door on your window without any tool. This door has a knob on both sides that expands up to 5 inches on each side. That allows the door to fit perfectly within your windows without affecting the size of the entrance of the cat door. This door also has clean see-through panels on sides through which your cat can watch outside before passing through it. The only drawback of this cat door is that it can only be fit into a vertical sliding window and not to a horizontal sliding window.

cat doors for windows

PetSafe Cat Door

If you want something simple, inexpensive, and effective cat door then the Petsafe cat door is the perfect cat door you should consider while purchasing a cat door. It is a simple cat door with a 4-way lock that allows to 1. enter only 2. exit only 3. locked and 4. unlocked mode. PetSafe has been around here for more than 30 years to provide pet-safe products and make our life easy. The best part of this product is that it comes with a cutting template, which means you don’t have to worry about cutting your window abruptly.

CEESC Cat Door

The CEESC cat door comes with a convenient knob like a 4-way switch that easily rotates which switching through lock modes. The most interesting part of this cat door is that the door flap is fixed with a weatherproof brush strip around it. The brush strip is removable and helps to reduce noise and prevent raindrops from coming in. It’s suitable for cats lighter than 17.63 lb and waist circumference shorter than 23.62″ / 60CM. It can be easily installed on windows and doors. You won’t regret buying it.

Depets Large Cat Doors

The Depets Large cat doors, the name says it all. These doors are made for large cats. With outer size: 9.25″ x 9.92″ x 2.16″(W x H X D); and inner size: 7.08″ x 7.48″(W x H); cut-out size: 7.7″ x 8.3″ (W x H). This cat door can fit cats up to 19 lbs (with a waistline less than 24″). This cat door will not disappoint you as it has more than 5000 positive reviews on Amazon. If you have a big cat that loves going out all the time, then this is the cat door you need to buy right now.

Rikounan Cat Doors

The Rikounan cat door has everything that the presiding cat door has. It has outer size: 9.25″ (W) x 9.84″ (H) x 2.09″ (D) and inner size: 7.09″ (W) x 7.48″(H). It’s suitable for cats lighter than 17.64 lb and waist circumference shorter than 23.62″. Cats get really comfortable while using it. But the great thing about this cat door is the seller. The seller guarantees complete satisfaction and can be contacted easily if the product comes with any defect. This cat door is also considered an Amazon choice for the best cat doors.

Ideal Pet Cat Doors

And last but not the least, we have an Ideal pet cat door. This one is a bit expensive than the other cat doors in the list. But you know what they say, quality doesn’t come cheap. Ideal Cat doors are high in quality cat doors that can be easily installed on vertical sliding windows. The expanding side panels make it easy to install on your windows without any instruments. High-quality white finish aluminum construction Installs easily into most aluminum sash window styles. It is a Medium Sash Window Pet Door with a height of 16-5/8″. The flexible flap is made of clear vinyl to allow your cat to see through the opening and is non-toxic for added safety. It is recommended for cats of 13 to 35 Pounds. This one is definitely a must-buy cat door.

Final Thought

If you have a cat then buying a cat door is a must. Because when you are not at home, you don’t want to worry about your cat getting access to her cat food or your cat getting in and out of the house. By installing a cat door on the window you are giving your cat freedom and confidence to move in and out without depending on you. I hope this article has suggested you some great products and helped you in purchasing. If you like this article please rate it below and leave a comment. This really boosts my confidence with writing and suggesting more products like these.

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