Best Electronic Gift Items Under 500 India

Gifting electronic gift items under 500 is a tough job as there are very few options available within this really tight budget range. As our lives are revolving around more and more electronic items day by day, we all want to have and even gift our loved ones some really cool and useful gadgets instead of gifting them the old cliche gifts.

But the biggest issue in gifting someone electronic gift items under 500, is that most of the electronic items under 500 are so cheap, useless, and most will stop working after some weeks, if not after days. This makes a very bad impression on the person to whom the gift is given. So, most of the time, we are forced to increase our budget in order to have decent working electronic as a gift.

Most of the people in India couldn’t increase their budget as a maximum of us are from middle-class families and living our lives on either pocket money or part-time jobs. But as they say, it’s the thought that matters (and not the price). Even if your budget is pretty tight, you can still gift someone you care about a great electronic gift under 500 that they’ll love.

Here are some cool electronic gifts items under 500 rupees that are cool yet useful:

Batman: Bat-Signal

  • 2-3/4″ high bat-signal projects the iconic Batman symbol onto nearby walls and other surfaces.
  • 48-page book of Batman history, featuring full-color illustrations.
  • It runs on already included watch cells.
  • It is a perfect gift for someone who is a big fan of DC Comics and Batman.

After witnessing the murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne took the mandate of fighting criminals during the night as Batman. The bat light is a symbol that he is there, fighting criminals. This Batman Light is a mini bat-signal of Batman. It runs on a small watch cell which is included with this kit. It also includes a 48-page little book of Batman story, which is cool to read. It is an awesome collectible. This well-built bat light is a perfect gift for DC Comics enthusiasts and Batman lovers.

LCD Writing Tablet

  • Best digital writing pad for teaching your kids.
  • Portable Ruff Pad E-Writer.
  • Ultra-slim 8.5 inch LCD Display which comes with a writing pen, erase button, and a lock & unlock button.
  • Durable cases and recessed screens are safe for school, travel, and home use.

Tablet displays your notes until you erase them with the touch of a button. After writing with a very user-friendly stylus, a one-touch button erases notes instantly and with pressure-sensitive screen lets, you create thick and thin lines. Durable cases and recessed screens are safe for school, travel, and home use. It is a very light, ultra-slim, and handy device for use at home, offices, and in-between.

Pubg Trigger

  • Innovative captive conduction for a zero-lag instant response.
  • Built of robust ABS material and premium nickel-plated alloy buttons.
  • Mouse-like mechanical clicks.
  • 90 Days Replacement Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Designed especially for FPS games like PUBG MOBILE / FREE FIRE / COD MOBILE/ FORTNITE, etc. giving them the edge over the competitors by letting them efficiently using four-finger control. BattleMods X1 Mobile Trigger India uses Innovative Capacitive Conduction Technology that activates signals without making physical contact with the touch screen thus it takes no time to respond and avoids lag even if the phone has a screen guard Installed. Simply clip it on your smartphone and get ready to dominate.

Color Changing Clock

  • 4 Information on the Screen Time, Date, Day & Temperature.
  • The translucent case glows in 7 different colors.
  • All the functions can easily be set with easy-to-use buttons.
  • This lightweight clock is an ideal gift for kids, family, friends, or corporate gifting.

This is an alarm clock you’ll love. The LED Color Changing Digital Alarm Clock features a glowing LED display in seven changing colors. The glowing clock provides you with the time, day of the week, date (month/day), week, and temperature along with eight alarm songs. Brighten up your mornings with the color-changing display!

Night Light with Bluetooth Speaker

  • 3 Levels brightness warm light mode by simply tapping the speaker mesh.
  • Bluetooth wireless, Micro SD card playing, and 3.5 mm audio cable connection.
  • A Built-In Mic that supports the excellent hands-free capability.
  • Able to operate up to 10 hrs of audio playback.

ALL IN ONE SPEAKER – Bluetooth speakers, Touch control LED mood lamp, wireless music player, hands-free speakerphone, table lamp, night light, For all the people who listen to sleep meditation, or just ocean waves for having a peaceful sleep this night light with Bluetooth speaker is a lifesaver. It is a beautiful gift for someone who loves music and sleep.

electronic gift items under 500

Mini Eye Massager

  • Mini massager for facial skin care and anti wrinkle by electric pulse.
  • Low frequency pulse. 3 modes: on, off, open.
  • Promote the blood micro-circulation of face. Attenuate wrinkle and bags under the eyes.
  • Improve the quality and smooths of skin. 

With the increasing use of electronics day by day, we always end up having strained eyes. This mini eye massager is a great tool for massaging your eyes after staring at your mobile/laptop screen for hours. It runs on a AA battery and has decent battery life. It is a great gift for someone who spends more time in front of the screen.

electronic gift items under 500

Portable LED Ring Light

  • 10-inch ring light comes with Intensity control, Color temperature control & a power button making it easier to operate.
  • Ring light with no shadow aperture comes with high-quality SMD LED lamps
  • Dual color temperature from 3200 to 5600 k, triple color temperature modes (Yellow, Warm Yellow, White),
  • Easy to carry and handle.

With an increasing number of people trying to become influencers by creating digital content on the internet, this triple color temperature mode ring light is a perfect gift for someone who wants to become a content creator or just wants to look beautiful in photos. This is one of the best electronic gift items under 500 as per my recommendation.

electronic gift items under 500

Stylus Pen for Android

  • Great built quality and sturdy classic look make it a stylish stylus.
  • The clear disc allows you to see exactly where your mark is being made and gives you an accurate point.
  • perfect for taking notes and drawing apps – 100 percent compatible with all capacities touch screen devices (Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod, kindle, tablet, galaxy, and more).
  • Replaceable tip feature without tool, Extend the lifetime of the stylus.

This is a second-generation stylus from the house of ELV. This black stylus lets you write, design, and draw content on a wide range of capacitive touch screen devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. It has a precision clear disc and thin fiber tip that is durable and long-lasting. The tip is sensitive and very accurate while marking. The stylus gives you a feel of a real pen due to the materials used while manufacturing it.

electronic gift items under 500

Gadget Organizer Bag

  • The multi-layer design is made of dual-layer waterproof fabric and shockproof material.
  • It can fit your tablet computer, power bank, mobile phone charger, cable, laptop adapter and etc. It comes with 10 buckles, it will disconnect cables and find them easily.
  • The padded dividers of this travel cable organizer case are adjustable.
  • It is perfect for home use or travel.

Made of heavy-duty, 300D durable, and waterproof nylon. This Travel Gadget organizer Bag Organiser for Cables, USB drive, Charger, Power Bank, Flash disk, Headphone, and iPad Mini. This gadget organizer bag is best for someone who has lots of gadgets and finds it difficult to keep them in one place. This is one of the classiest electronic gift items under 500 available in India.

electronic gift items under 500

Galaxy Star Projector

  • The Mini Galaxy Star Projector won’t make up for real stars, but it can give you something to stare at when you’re trying to fall asleep.
  • It provides a soothing experience for better sleep and helps you with positive thoughts.
  • It’s a great gift for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Children’s day, Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s day.
  • No heating issue even prolonged use.

This LED starry sky night light creates a larger, more brilliant show for your entertainment. It is ideal for decorating your room, house, and provides a romantic surprise for you. Colorful Romantic LED Cosmos Star Master Sky Starry Night Projector Bed Light. The brilliant light of this projector helps you reduce stumbling and allows you fully enjoy the party.

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