How to grow beard with beard Affirmations

Since I started writing various articles on how to grow beard with beard affirmations, there have been so many emails asking about the questions related to the growth of a beard through the law of attraction technique. One of my viewers of YouTube made a specific request for a subliminal video to grow a beard with extreme length.

So, taking this as an opportunity to release my affirmations for growing a beard with extreme length, I thought maybe I could share some grooming tips along with affirmations, which even I follow, for maintaining and growing my beard.

As I already hinted that I am also a bearded guy, so I know how difficult it is to maintain a hygienic beard while growing it. Beard growth is a long…long…process and you always get irritated with the itching, dust, and breezy beard hair.

So here it the first thing to remember while search for the answer to How to grow beard with beard affirmations;

Have Patience:

In order to grow your beard, the first thing that you must have is patience. It takes almost 30-40 days to grow a decent length beard and this is the time, where everyone thinks of trimming their beard. There is only one affirmation and belief that you could follow i.e. let it grow.

It is a matter of few weeks and (boom) you have sexy looking stubble… your base for you beard growth journey.

Hide your trimmer and scissors:

When I was growing my beard, I always used to end up trimming my beard little from left, the little for right and ultimately leading to a clean shaved face (facepalm). The truth about the initial stages of growing a beard is that it is going to be rough and not aligned all the time. You will always be going to find your beard uneven as it is a part of the journey.

In order to avoid ending up clean shaved person, don’t look into the mirror often; don’t think of it all the time; just hide your trimmer somewhere for a month or two; JUST LET TO GROW.

Train your beard:

Now that your beard has grown to a decent length, you need to train your beard to grow in a downward direction. You can use a wooden comb to train it to grow downward.

Combing your beard daily will not only train it but also make it look maintained and well groomed.

Plus, it makes you look hot as F

Start your cleanliness routine:

After growing your beard to a decent length, you need to start your own beard cleanliness routine. You can always find a good barber for it but I personally prefer a DIY routine for myself.

Most of the guys think that beard is self maintained or it does not require maintenance like the hair on your head.

Well, here, they go wrong. Beard requires a lot of maintenance, as it is near your mouth. Lots of dust and pollutant are stuck in it and therefore it is important to wash it regularly with a beard shampoo of your own choice and brand.

Use Beard Grooming Products:

After washing your beard, your beard and skin underneath are going to get dry and it will start itching like a monkey. It is important to use beard grooming products like beard moisturizer, beard oil, beard cream, beard balm from the initial phase of growing beard.

Just make sure, whatever product you use are natural and safe or you can also prepare your own beard grooming products at home with simple ingredients.

How to use affirmations to grow beard with beard affirmations

It has been proven that exposure to positive affirmations has a great impact on your subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind can be reprogrammed to make us believe in certain beliefs as well as it can be reprogrammed even to make changes in our physical aspects.

Listening to or Writing positive affirmations may take time to show results but the results are abundant. As these affirmations are intended to make changes in your beard growth, results are not going to be seen overnight. But with repeated use, these affirmations are going to be absorbed in your subconscious mind, showing tremendous growth in your beard growth.

Below is the list of affirmations to help you grow a beard with beard affirmations that are soft and long. Read it before going to your bed for few weeks and witness the change in your beard growth.

Affirmation for growing long beard

  • My beard is growing at extreme length.
  • I have a long beard.
  • I have a thick luxurious long beard.
  • I am growing healthy and conditioned long facial hair.
  • My long beard is growing fast and quickly.
  • My beard gets longer as breathe.
  • I grow strong, tangle-free long facial hair.
  • My beard is growing at extreme speed.
  • People are shocked by my speedy beard growth.
  • My long beard is my best friend.

Affirmations for beard growth patience

  • I am ready to grow my beard at extreme length.
  • I am growing my beard at extreme length as I breathe.
  • Patience is my companion in the journey of my extreme beard growth.
  • I am patient with my beard growth.
  • I let my beard grow at extreme length.
  • I pray universe for a great long beard.
  • I am patient and calm in my long-beard journey.
  • Universe has a divine timing; it will bless me with my long beard.
  • My long beard is coming to me.
  • I am committed to my long beard growth, regardless of how long it takes.

Affirmations for beard grooming

  • My beard is my love.
  • I lovingly groom my long beard.
  • My long beard is well-groomed.
  • My long beard is shiny, healthy, and smooth.
  • My long beard is tangle-free.
  • My beard is free from all dust particles and pollutants.
  • I use safe and good quality beard grooming products on my beard.
  • I groom my long beard to be soft, clean, and healthy.
  • I have a beard cleaning routine and I stick to it.
  • I take care of my long beard as I take care of my baby.
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