Unique Gifts for Best Friend Girl in India 2022

You having a trouble in finding a unique and personal gifts for best friend girl on her birthday. Well, I know how difficult it is to find a perfect for your girl best friend.

Because, you don’t want it to be something romantic, giving completely wrong message to her. You also don’t want something that is a cliche gift like a mug or a teddy bear. Ughhh… There are so many rule to follow and too many things to consider.

But don’t worry I got your back. In this article, I have shared a list of 8 best to gifts for best friend girl. These are not very common and can be personalised as per your choice.

Gifts for Best Friend Girl

Personalized Star Map

Personal star map is a print of stars on a particular date, place and time. You can personalised this map as per your own choice and gift it to your best friend. For example you can customise the star map according to the birth date and place of your girl best friend and give it to her as a birthday gift. What makes it special is that it is very unique gift that is not available at any Store in India. Your girl best friend will love this gift for sure.

Comfortable Bean Bag

If you are girl best friend is a lazy person and always want to relax on a cosy chair then this comfortable bean bag is the perfect gift for her birthday. This XXXL bean bag it’s comfortable with a cool looking features and quirky quote on the side, stand out from other chairs in the room. A girls with 5 feet height and 70 kg weight can easily sit on this bean bag making it one of a lovable birthday gifts for best friend girl.

Friendship Keepsake Box

This beautifully crafted wooden box is a wonderful way to store precious memories. It features two best friends talking with eachother and sharing memories. The box is perfect for storing photos, jewelry, or other small items related to your friendship. This type of birthday gifts for best friend girl is a perfect way to store your precious memories with her.

Gifts for Best Friend Girl

Why You’re My Best Friend Journal

You are my best friend is a fill in the blank journal book that you can fill up with personal stories and inside jokes you share with your girl best friend. You can also stick pictures and draw some doodles in order to make it more personalised for her. This journalism created way to remind her of your crazy stories and the love you both share for each other making it one of a perfect gifts for best friend girl.

iClever BTH13 Bluetooth Headphones

This over the ears headphone with car ear design is a cute birthday gift for your best friend girl that provides great sound quality and looks cool in pictures that can be uploaded on social media. These headphones look super cool and it’s wireless connectivity makes it more portable and easy to carry around. It will sure grab the attention in crowd.

Gifts for Best Friend Girl

boAt Smart Watch

This watch is perfect for people who are always on the go and don’t have time to charge their phone. It is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and can be used to make and receive calls, as well as to access all of Alexa’s features. The boAt Xtend Smartwatches with Alexa Built-in, 1.69” HD Display, Multiple Watch Faces, Stress Monitor, HR Monitor, and Calorie Counter are perfect gifts for best friend girl.

Alcraft Leather Handmade Diary

If your best friend likes to write her thoughts and feelings then this personal diary with a lock is one of a thoughtful gifts for best friend girl. It has a very antique look with awesome looking colours and a safety lock that want late anyone to read what is inside. The great part of this diary is that, you can go to their page and customize it with her name over it. These type of gifts are great as personalised gifts for best friend girl.

Gifts for Best Friend Girl

52 Stress Less & Self Care Cards

52 Stress Less is a deck of cards that provide simple, effective, and fun strategies for managing stress. The deck contains 52 cards, each with a unique strategy on how to reduce stress. The cards are made of durable, high-quality material and come in a resealable plastic case. You’ll find a card for every occasion and every type of stress. This is the perfect gift for best friend girl to reduce her stress levels and live a more balanced life.

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