Weird Cool Things on Amazon USA 2021

Internet is filled with people selling weird cool things on Amazon. I always wonder what makes people sell these products and who buys this kind of stuff. So, out of curiosity; I took a deep dive on Amazon, searching for weird things on Amazon. It blew my mind.

There are so many weird products with a 4 or 4.5-star rating on Amazon, and there are so many sellers selling these kinds of products which made me dive into Amazon and do some research on it.


As per my research, most people buy weird things on Amazon because they want to gift something funny to someone. People buying these products want to share a good laugh with people they love. By giving these weird things on Amazon as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, father’s day gifts, or mother’s day gifts, people cheer up other people.

Another reason for buying these products is to perform a practical joke or pull out a prank on someone. Who doesn’t like a harmless funny prank that makes everyone happy and laughing?

But whatever may be the reason, these products are super weird and super fun to buy. So, here are my favorite top 10 weird cool things on Amazon that you need to check out this season.



squirrel hand puppet

This little squirrel hand puppet will cheer you up when you are feeling low. A random purchase on Amazon has been a funny conversation starter. you will love this product if you have a good sense of humor. This squirrel hand puppet is magical and brings people together with laughter and joy. This is the reason which makes squirrel hand puppet one of my favorite weird cool things on amazon.


Dehydrated Water Can

It made me laugh so hard when I found out that people are actually selling dehydrated water on Amazon. Yes, they are literally selling dehydrated water. You just need to add water in this 16 Oz steel can and you have 16 oz hydrated water. What made me, even more, laugh is they seriously tried to patent their formula for dehydrated water, to which the patent office replied with a “lol’.


Toilet Timer

The toilet timer will remind you that you have spent enough time in the toilet. 70% of people browse the internet while pooping. It is a matter of few cat videos and you lose track of how much time you have spent in the toilet. This toilet timer is pretty hilarious as the sand literally looks like the person is pooping. This product has been featured on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ where one of the sharks invested in this product because it is useful yet hillarious.


spider box prank

If you love to perform a harmless prank on people then this spider box prank is for you. This spider box prank is a wooden box with a spider toy inside. When a person opens this box a giant spider just pops out of no where and scares the shit out of that person. A fun toy for you kid who loves doing practical jokes on people. This product is worth checking out.


jellyfish lava lamp

This jellyfish lava lamp has realistic jellyfish that floats smoothly and quietly in cool ambient lights. It has been a part of a new form of home decor and people love this lava lamp beside their beds or on the tabletop. This jellyfish lava lamp has multiple colors of light which can be chosen from two tiny buttons at the bottom. It also turns off automatically after 4 hours which saves electricity when you are asleep without turning this off.


Head pigeon mask

If you are looking for something that grabs people attention when you enter a party or roam around in central park, you need this pigeon mask. This life sized head pigeon mask will definitely make people laugh because it’s so weird. It has hauntingly lifelike eyes. Some of the buys wore it for fun in park, to their surprise, people started feeding them, lol. The mask has holes to makes sure you don’t feel suffocation while wearing it.


Mermaid Tail Blanket

A Mermaid tail blanket is an all-season blanket that makes you look like a real-life mermaid. It is available in kids size and adult size. Every girl wanted to be like Disney Princess Ariel at some time in her childhood. Well, I know this blanket can’t make you Ariel but it surely can make you look like Ariel. You can wear it whenever you like in your home and take a nap on your sofa with this mermaid tail blanket.


yodeling pickle

Yodeling pickle is a gag gift that is super funny. It is a yodeling device with a button and a speaker with the shape of a pickle. It runs on a batteries that go to backside of the yodeling pickle. When you press the round button, the pickle starts making yodeling sound, which is super funny to listen. It can be given to anyone as a birthday gift or Christmas gift or to perform a practical joke.


led lightsaber chopsticks

Led lightsaber chopsticks is probably the coolest product on the list. Because how cool is to have a led chopsticks that literally glove while eating food. Obviously they are little bulky and heavy than usual chopstick. But if you are a Star Wars fan, then you will just love these led lightsaber chopsticks. Imagine you are at dinner table and you pull out your led chopsticks to eat you food. wouldn’t it be a cool conversation starter at the dinner table?


Spaghetti Monster Colander Strainer

Spaghetti monster is a funny yet cute-looking spaghetti strainer that works just like a regular spaghetti strainer. I don’t even know, why it made it to my list, but it was just his big eyes on the handle that made me do it. When you strain your spaghetti from this spaghetti monster, you will burst out of laughter. It looks that funny.

So, that was my list of 10 best weird cool things on Amazon that I found cool but weird to buy on Amazon. If you want to suggest more products that are even more weird than this, please comment below and let us know.

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