What is subliminal message and it’s types

What is subliminal message? Do you know that our mind works on preset beliefs that are formed in tender years of our age? For our whole life, our mind observes our surroundings and reacts on the basis of these preset beliefs. These beliefs are the basic principles on which we make every single decision of our life. What if I tell you that there is a way to change these stubborn beliefs, even if it is not true (yet).

Subliminal messages are the messages that our subconscious mind can understand as these messages are below the threshold of conscious perception. Our conscious mind is unable to read or understand and that’s why it is unable to react to it. Our subconscious mind on listening to these messages responds to them without us being aware of it.

For the past few years, there has been a boom on the internet about the law of attraction and manifestation. After the release of the movie and book i.e. The Secret, the most hidden secret was out on the internet and it blew people’s minds. There are thousands of people that are using the techniques of the law of attraction and changing their lives. One of the most popular ways of manifesting and changing our life is through subliminal messages. A big question like What is subliminal message and what are its types? remained largely unanswered.

What is subliminal message in advertising

For many decades, companies are selling their products by manipulating us through their subliminal message in advertising. Subliminal messages are everywhere… movies, songs, advertisements, etc., and we all get influenced by it, subconsciously. The subliminal message in advertising tries to influence people without them being aware of it. For example, by showing messages for such a short time that people read them without realizing that they have done so. It remained a matter of debate whether the subliminal message actually works or not, but people started believing in subliminal messages.

With the increasing popularity of the use of subliminal messages, people slowly started building a community of believers. People within the communities on the law of attraction and subliminal users on social platforms like Amino Apps, YouTube, Instagram, and many others are changing their lives, even looks by subliminal messages.

What are the types of modes of subliminal messages?

There are generally three types of the mode through which, subliminal messages are conveyed to our subconscious mind.

  • Subliminal Audios
  • Subliminal Visuals
  • Backmasking Audios

Subliminal Audios

Positive affirmations that are played in low volume over some music (most people prefer rain sound or ocean waves) in such a low volume that your conscious mind could not hear and deny it, but your subconscious mind listens to the messages and accepts it as it is. Subliminal messages have been embedded in music for centuries.

This is the most common mode for conveying subliminal messages and is mostly used by the subliminal makers (sub-makers) on YouTube. It is considered that when you know the affirmations that you are listening to are likely to slow down the results from it as your conscious mind immediately responds to the affirmations and blocks it by denying it.

I believe that you should always know the affirmations that you are listening to. Because, if you don’t know the affirmation and the sub-maker puts an unrelated affirmation that you don’t want to listen to, then your subconscious mind will also accept that unrelated affirmation along with the positive affirmations. So, my advice is to listen to those subliminal audios which reveal their affirmation to their audience, even if it means slower results.

Subliminal Videos

If you are a movie lover like me, you must have noticed sometimes that while watching a movie, the screen sometimes shutter for micro-seconds and you feel like some image or text was flashed in front of your eyes but it happens so quickly, that, conscious mind ignores it; as if nothing happened. But your subconscious mind can see and react to that image/ text shown to you for those micro-seconds.

Most of the time those texts were like “Hungry? Eat popcorn” or “Buy a Coke”, to increase their sales and study shows that it used to work. Visual subliminal messages are used by many companies to sell their product or service to their customers even today.

Some sub-makers also use this mode of conveying subliminal messages along with their subliminal audios. I am a subliminal maker and I also keep visual affirmations on screen while my viewer listens to my subliminal audios as I believe that it helps our subconscious mind if we approach it with both i.e. audio and visual.


Back-masking audios used a special recording technique in which a sound or message is recorded backward onto a track. These tracks are meant to be played forward. Back-masking is a deliberate process, whereas a message through phonetic reversal may be unintentional.

In simple words, back-masking is a process in which affirmations are played backward. So that your conscious mind is unable to reject the affirmations that are exposed to…

It started with the beetles; there has been the accusation that people following Satan are in the music industry. These people are continuously working to give subliminal messages to people listening to them. There has been the accusation that, many you tubers that claimed that famous pop music that plays subliminal satanic messages.

Many sub-makers are been accused of using the satanic affirmations in their subliminal videos. When people turn on the auto-captions option on the videos it reads the sounds like Satan, demons, etc.

I believe that these accusations are bullshit. But I do believe that the listener has the right to know the affirmations that he/she is listening to…

YouTube or any other platform is programmed to listen to words, music, and instruments in a certain way. When YouTube listens to backmasking audios it could not understand the meaning and generate evil (?) captions.

But I am no one to pass comment. If people feel that some sub-makers put satanic affirmations in their subliminal videos then people are free to boycott it. They should listen to subliminal which they feel are pure and filled with positive energy.

I hope this article helped you to understand subliminal. If you like this article please leave a comment and visit my YouTube channel by clicking here. Also, check out my other articles and tell me if you like any one of them.

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